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World Maps

Welcome to the World Map Teacher's Helper! Here we've found some great teacher resources for school or home, including links, posters, activities, and books...and put them in one place! We hope these ideas will be helpful!

World Map Resources

WorldAtlas.com - Geography facts, world maps, custom maps, currency conversions, populations, times, clip art, quesions, quizzes. A wealth of information on one site!

Education Place - Black and white printable outline maps (PDF format) for classroom or personal use. Many countries to choose from.

Info Please - Atlas - Clickable maps, printable maps, lots of info! Kids reference, games, quizzes, homework center.

More Maps - Maps and geographical information for countries and states.

National Geographic - Map Machine - Create and save customized maps.

ABC Teach - Maps - Printable maps and quizzes.

Children's Atlas - Interactive children's atlas.

Maps and Map Skills - Elementary theme maps and map skill activities.

World Maps - World Map web site reviews by Barbara J. Feldman of SurfNetKids.com.

World Map Fun Links

Geography Word Scramble

World Flags Quiz

Geography Games

Relief Map Jigsaw Puzzle

Recommended Books & Games

901270: World Geography Jingo World Geography Jingo
By Gary Grimm & Associates

Everybody loves to JINGO! Jingo is played just like bingo, but pictures replace numbers on the player's card. World Geography Jingo will learn about 41 countries and 7 continents, along with the people, places and events that make each place unique. Contains 30 player cards, clue cards, directions for play, and ideas for extension.
464387: The Amazing Pop-Up Geography Book The Amazing Pop-Up Geography Book
By Kate Petty & Jennie Maizels / Dutton Juvenile

Give your 7- to 10-year-olds this extraordinary pop-up book and they'll have the whole world in their hands! They'll travel from the top of Everest to the deepest point of the ocean; explore lift-the-flap continents and countries; and twirl a pop-up globe as they learn hundreds of fascinating facts about our beautiful planet. 12 pages, hardcover from Dutton.
900096: U.S. Geography Jingo U.S. Geography Jingo
By Gary Grimm & Associates

806138: Famous Landmarks Bingo Game Famous Landmarks Bingo Game
By Trend Enterprises Inc.

Use clues to learn about 48 worldwide landmarks. Enhance learning mastery for middle grade students with TREND's new, 5x5 grid bingo games. Expanded format allows for more variety, versatility, and challenge and offers more ways for teachers to adapt games to student needs. 36 playing cards per set, caller's mat and cards, 250 markers. Large or small group use; 36 playing cards per set, over 700 chips, caller's mat and cards.