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Spring Theme Decorating Ideas:
for the Classroom or Spring Dance Event

Springtime Classroom Decorating Ideas:
Bring Spring into your classroom with great decorations. Puffy white clouds in a blue sky, flowers and butterflies can turn any room into springtime!

Choose one corner or one area in your classroom to decorate. Use cloud gossamer (or blue flat paper) for the background. You can even put this on the ceiling for the full sky effect! On the bottom portion of the wall place a strip of green flat paper, cut out in a wavy design for the grass. Add some silk flowers from your local dollar store. A lattice fence with flowers behind it is another great idea. Add some vinyl butterflies or butterfly stickers to the wall and on some of the flowers. Bee stickers, too, would be a good idea.

If your students are old enough, use flat paper and have them paint (or cut out of colored flat paper) a spring scene...trees, flowers, sun, clouds, etc. Purchase a Butterfly Craft Kit for students to make their own butterflies. Display in classroom.

For the Spring Dance:
If you are decorating for a spring dance at school, purchase a giant butterfly, giant standing daisies or tulips. These make great backdrops for pictures at the dance as well as room decorations. Use the same ideas as for the classroom. Add lots of pastel and/or cloud balloons and pastel streamers. Place vases or baskets of live or silk flowers on all tables.

We hope these ideas help add some springtime to your school classroom or dance event!

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