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Classroom Party Ideas: Valentine's Day, Western, Jungle...

The room mom generally takes care of class parties for the teacher. It can be a struggle to come up with new ideas! Below are a few ideas including Holiday (Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter parties), End of School and Graduation. Themes include Jungle, Western, Rock 'n Roll and Fiesta. Also see our ABC's for Room Moms.

Valentines Day Classroom Party
Valentine's Day
St Patrick Classroom Party
St Patrick's Party
Jungle Theme Classroom Party
Jungle Theme Party
Fifties Theme Classroom Party
Fifties Rock 'n Roll
Western Theme Classroom Party
Western Hoe Down!
Fiesta Theme Classroom Party
Mexican Fiesta
Graduation Party Ideas
Last Day
Party Ideas!
Summer Fun Ideas
Summer Fun!
Island Survival Game
Island Survival
Thanksgiving Feast Ideas
Thanksgiving Feast
Christmas Classroom Party
Christmas Party

Recommended Book

Room Mom Help Book

Cool Party, Mom! The Classroom Edition is a great resource for room moms! This book has lots of school-friendly games and activities, inexpensive craft projects, easy holiday snacks ideas, trivia, fun facts, and useful tips to help you plan those classroom parties! The Classroom Edition is organized like a school calendar, starting with the first day of September and covering every major holiday of the school year, as well as other fun days in between!

Cool Party, Mom! The Classroom Edition