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Printable Math Games: Students Age 5 - 11

Your child will love this Printable Math Games Package from MakingMathMoreFun.com. These 4 books are in the form of electronic books (e-books) that are downloaded to your computer and printed out whenever you need them. Each ebook includes a variety of kids math games (multiplication games, bingo games, number games) and fun math activities geared to ages 5 - 11. Make Math FUN to learn for your child!

Math Board Games Math Game Sheets Math Card Games Math Game Ideas
Plus, 4 FREE BONUS MATH GAMES ebooks! (limited time only)
Reading Games Classroom Games Make Your Own Board Games Print and Play Game Sheets

You will receive all 4 Printable Math Games ebooks, plus the 4 Bonus Offers!
(Bonus Offers are for a limited time only, so order soon.)



Math Board Games - Printable Math Board Games
Math Print and Play Games Sheets - Printable Games Sheets for 2 Players
Math Card Games - Printable Math Card Games
and Math Games Ideas - Math Games for School or Home


Math Board Games
  • 3 Race to the Flag Games Board Games - Race to the Flag while comparing numbers to 100, 1000 or 10,000
  • True or False Mini Mouse Multiplication to make learning multiplication facts easy and fun.
  • Shape Race Board Game to revise Shapes
  • 2 Sets of Build A Pyramid Game Cards to practice place value to 100 and place value to 1000
  • Lightning Race Board Game to revise addition and subtraction facts
  • 2 'Pairs' Board Games to practice addition to 14 and addition to 100
  • True or False Mini Mouse Multiplication Game to practice multiplication
  • 2 Spot the Difference Board Games to practice subtraction
  • 3 Star Struck Board Games to practice of addition, subtraction and division
  • Odd and Even Tag Board Game revises odd and even numbers
  • Forty-Five Board Game for practicing addition to 45
  • Smiley Board Game - a counting strategy game
  • Division Dice Board Game that makes division more fun that ever before
  • Remainders Board Game to reinforce division with remainders
  • Multiples Board Game - to master multiples and multiplication
  • Stars and Moons Multiples Board Game revises multiples
  • Line of Three Board Game to revise basic math facts
  • Rows and Columns Board Game to test skills in strategic thinking
  • 4 Different Covers Board Games to practice addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts
  • Covers Fractions Board Game gives practice at calculating fractions
  • Covers Percentages Board Game makes percentages fun and intriguing
Math Print and Play Game Sheets
  • Monster Symmetry Game Sheet to develop the concept of symmetry
  • Big One Wins Game Sheet combines luck with skill to compare numbers up to 99,999
  • Circle Rows and Columns, Rectangles, Two Square, Join Three and Square Off Game Sheets are games of strategy that all ages enjoy playing
  • Roll and Write Game Sheet - Read and compare 3, 4 and 5 digit numbers
  • Higher or Lower Game Sheet - Compare number values
  • 2 Pairs Game Sheets get children faster and faster at basic addition
  • Steps, Dice Fences and Triangles Game Sheets - Challenge all ages while developing strategic thinking skills
  • Three in a Row Game Sheets - Fun addition and multiplication practice
  • Full House and Throw Three Game Sheets to develop lightning fast addition skills
  • Multiples Path 1 and 2 Game Sheets test skills with multiples and multiplication
  • Battleships and Pirates Game Sheets - Opponents battle it out learning both coordinates and strategy
  • Tic Tac Toe Game Sheet gives 3 new versions of an old favorite
  • Race the Clock Games Sheet with Race around the clock
  • Surround and Number Dots Game Sheets gives addition practice a new twist
  • Twenty-Seven Game Sheet - Race to be the first to reach lucky 27
Math Card Games
  • 17 Math Card Games Ideas to play with a deck of playing cards or print your own playing cards from the Black Line Masters.
  • Loads more full color card games to make with Black Line Masters including - African Animals Addition to practice addition computation
  • Subtraction Snakes to practice subtraction facts
  • Division Dogs to practice division facts
  • Memory Numbers, Snap or Groups - 36 Color Game Cards
  • Picture Addition Memory Cards and Picture Subtraction Memory Cards develop basic concepts of addition and subtraction.
  • Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division Memory Facts Cards to review basic math operations
  • Blank Memory Game Cards to create your own Memory Game that revises the specific facts that you want.
  • 30 Bingo Cards (enough for a whole class) ready for Addition Bingo, Subtraction Bingo, Division Bingo and Fraction Bingo. Includes a facts calling sheet so you're ready to go.
  • Show Numbers Cards to reinforce and compare values of numbers with 3, 4, 5 or 6 digits
  • Missing Digit Memory - make them really think as they practice addition of 2 digit and 1 digit numbers.
  • 4 sets of Highest Number Cards revise reading and comparing 2, 3, 4 and 5 digits numbers and number words.
  • Fraction Dominoes Cards - make recognizing fractions fun, fun, fun!
Math Game Ideas
  • Build A Number, Bundles, Find It First, Largest Number or Stretch Race to make Place Value practice fun
  • Buzz, Dominoes or Toothpick Grab for fun with Counting
  • Coin Toss, Build One, Decimal Aim, Decimal Washing Line or Higher or Lower to practice those tricky Decimal Numbers
  • The Percentage Prizes Game Show is perfect for practicing Percentages.
  • Build A Number, Higher or Lower and Largest Number - compare Number Values
  • Pizza Shapes, Basketball Facts or Fraction Fun make Fractions easy to understand.
  • Money Bucket teaches Money value and addition of coins.
  • Pirates to practice Coordinates
  • Multiples Race - compete using Multiples
  • Number Washing Line to practice Ordering Numbers
  • Hangman develops the concept of Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication or Division. Students like this one even more than the word variety.
  • Find It First - Facts improves Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication or Division recall.
  • Number Hats gets students discovering and exploring the Properties of Numbers.
  • Nim an ancient game that develops Strategic Thinking.
  • Classroom multiplication games, division games, addition games, subtraction games, number games, counting games, patterning games - And many, many more.

You will receive all 4 Printable Math Games ebooks, plus the 4 Bonus Offers!
(Bonus Offers are for a limited time only, so order soon.)




ROBOT READER - Reading Games
Reading Games
  • Bingo Games - See "Beginning Letter Bingo" or "Beginning Blend Bingo", Robot Reader page 13, 44.
  • Domino Games - See "Alphabet Dominoes", "Three Letter Dominoes" or "Rhyming Dominoes", Robot Reader page 9, 25, 61.
  • Board Games - See "Fact or Opinion?" or "True /False Game", Robot Reader page 111, 116.
  • Word Recognition Games - See "Robot Reader" page 32.
  • Games to practice and reinforce common letter patterns - See "Match It Consonant Blends", Robot Reader page 55.
  • Games for beginning readers - See "Match It Sentences", Robot Reader page 39.
  • Games for advanced readers - See "Riddle Match" or "Jumbled Poetry", Robot Reader page 91, 125.
  • Games to develop vocabulary and spelling skills - See "Prefix Race" or "Suffix Race", Robot Reader page 101, 106
WIGGLE, WIGGLE, WINK, WINK - Classroom Games
Classroom Games
  • Getting to Know You Games like Liar, Liar. See Wiggle, Wiggle, Wink, Wink page 11.
  • Concentration Games like Bing, Bang, Bong to develop concentration skills. See Wiggle, Wiggle, Wink, Wink page 17.
  • Drama Games like Who's the initiator? are a fun way to develop drama skills. See Wiggle, Wiggle, Wink, Wink page 21.
  • Language Games - Copy Cat is a challenging game that practices giving instructions. See Wiggle Wiggle Wink Wink page 34.
  • Spelling Games - Students will beg you to let them play this simple spelling game. See Pineapples in Wiggle, Wiggle, Wink, Wink page 54.
  • Phonics Games - Play Down The Ladder develop phonics skills. See Wiggle Wiggle Wink Wink page 50.
  • Reading Games - Play Twisted Story to develop comprehension skills and team work skills. See Wiggle Wiggle Wink Wink page 67.
  • Active Games to release that excess energy like Happy Campers or Rob the Nest. See Wiggle, Wiggle, Wink, Wink page 72, 76.
  • Just for Fun Games - We all need a bit of fun sometimes so try Smelly Socks or Stay Serious .See Wiggle, Wiggle, Wink, Wink page 85.
  • And many, many more - remember you get 172 games to use in your classroom or at home with your children.
Make Your Own Board Games
  • Star Board is a quick, fun game of strategy that gets everyone thinking.
  • Triangle Teaser will also get you thinking.
  • Tic Tac Toe can be played on a board in the traditional way or use the board to play Sliding Tic Tac Toe.
  • Solitude, Rainbow and Jumping Jacks are all there and ready for you to just print. Simple to learn but you will play for hours.
  • Take Off, Sliders, Hex and Black and White - both the kids and the adults will want to play.
Print and Play Game Sheets
  • Develop thinking skills and strategic thinking.
  • Ideal for children who finish work early the classroom.
  • Perfect for rainy days, sick kids or keeping children occupied while traveling.
  • Simply print the game you want and all you need is a pencil.
  • Play Last One Loses, Isolation or Tricky Triangles.
  • Play Sprouts, Mini Hex and Cross Off.
  • Play Square of Four, Corners and Last One Loses.

You will receive all 4 Printable Math Games ebooks, plus the 4 Bonus Offers!
(Bonus Offers are for a limited time only, so order soon.)