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End of School Room Party Ideas

Below are some great ideas for an ending of school or last day of school room party. Tips for an Awards Party, Last Day Picnic, Pizza Party or Theme Party to celebrate the end of school.
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Student Awards

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Host an Awards Party
Your students have many unique (and humorous) attributes. So honor them with a light-hearted awards ceremony that is all about fun! Using ideas from personalities, memorable moments, and other inspiring classroom antics, create awards for every student. Ideas for awards could include "Class Clown," "Most Likely to Pass a Note in Class," and "Most Creative Speller." Our Ribbons, Certificates and Medals make perfect keepsakes for such a ceremony!

Picnic in the Park
Spend the day in the great outdoors! Your picnic can be as simple or elaborate as you want. For the simple version, have all the students bring in a sack lunch. You can head to the nearest park, eat at the picnic tables, and let the kids play. If you want to go all out, have students bring in hot dogs and buns, chips, drinks, and cookies - then have a cookout! Organizing a friendly game of softball or kickball is also a great addition to this picnic party.

Have a Pizza Party
Nothing beats this classic! Since almost every kid loves pizza, you are sure to please your students with an end-of-school pizza bash. To defer the cost of the food, you can request that each child brings in a few dollars and a drink or dessert to share. Or, make your own desserts as an after-lunch activity! Decorating sugar cookies, cutting out Jell-O jigglers, and making ice cream sundaes are all fun and easy classroom desserts.

Party with a Theme
Theme parties are always a hit! Whether it's an Under-the-Sea or Western party, students will love entering into another world for the day. We have lots of ideas for Luau, Jungle, Rock 'n Roll, and Western classroom parties. Just click on the links to start your planning!

Survivor Party
Everyone loves the Survivor show! Have your own Survivor Party and play this great Island Survival Game! Set the scene with these Tiki Luau party supplies, room decorations and scene setters. The kids will LOVE it!

We hope these ideas help you to have a great "Last Day of School" Room Party!
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Classroom Theme Party Ideas!

Tiki Pole Scene
Island Survival Game

Western Hoe Down
Western Hoe Down!

Fifties Theme
Rock 'n Roll Sock Hop

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