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School Classroom Decorating Ideas

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Need some pizazz for your classroom? Below are a few decorating ideas to turn your average classroom into an exciting and fun room for your students to learn!

Classroom Bulletin Boards

Bulletin Boards are the focal point in your classroom. Give your bulletin boards some pizzaz this year by following a few simple guidelines:

1. Plan ahead - Don't wait until the night before to throw something together! Make a plan for your bulletin board for the entire school year. Order any supplies you will need a month in advance.

2. Update Often - To keep students interested, change your bulletin board about once a month.

3. Coordinate Classroom Themes. - Create bulletin boards that coordinate with a subject your students are studing, upcoming holiday or current season. (Oceans, Christmas, Winter)

4. Keep Records - If your bulletin board was a success, keep a record or take a picture of the bulletin board. Next year, you can use the same idea!


Fall Bulletin Board Ideas

7282332: Bulletin Boards: Fall Bulletin Boards: Fall
By Carolyn Jensen / Rainbow Publishers

Get ready for colorful, attractive classrooms all year long when you use these delightful seasonal bulletin boards which teach important bibical concepts, too. Each of the 13 bulletin boards comes with easy to follow instructions and full sized patterns, headline lettering and three seasonal borders which can be reproduced or used right out of the book. A suggested Bible memory verse and tips for using the bulletin board to teach the Bible are also included to help make each bulletin board an effective learning tool in any Bible classroom. Activities cover ages 4-12.

We have many more Bulletin Board books, cut-outs, and decorations:
More Bulletin Board Ideas >>

Educational & Motivational Classroom Posters

Decorate to Educate!

Patriotic Posters
Posters >>
President Posters
Posters >>
George Washington Posters
George Washington
Posters >>
Abraham Lincoln Posters
Abraham Lincoln
Posters >>

Humanities Posters
Posters >>
Natural Sciences Posters
Natural Science
Posters >>
Maps & Social Sciences Posters
Social Sciences
& Map Posters >>
Technology Posters
Posters >>

Animal Posters
Posters >>
Preschool Posters
Posters >>
Motivational Posters
Posters >>
Harry Potter Posters
Harry Potter
Posters >>

Raise Funds for your Classroom by Recycling

Raise funds for your school by recycling

Classroom Theme Decorations

Farm, Jungle, Ocean, Western...

Classroom Theme (Farm) Decorations

Create a theme for your classroom that relates to a class subject, season or holiday. Coordinate this theme with the bulletin board and reading area. Have activities, crafts and books for students that relate to that theme. A few popular classroom themes are: Jungle, Ocean, Western, Farm, Patriotic, Fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Decorate with scene setters, inflatables and posters.

Down on the Farm! Your little farmers will love hiding in the corrugated barn shown here that is just their size! The barn is printed on all 4 sides, easy to assemble, and can be personalized with your message. Also available are a pig, cow, and tractor. Make your classroom into a real barnyard!
Farm Theme Decorations >>

All Classroom Theme Decorations >>

Math Center

Math Board Games

These games are a great resource for your Math Center. The Printable Math Games Package includes 4 books, plus 4 free bonus books. In each ebook there is a variety of kids math games (multiplication games, bingo games, number games) and fun math activities geared to ages 5 - 11. in the form of electronic books (e-books) that are downloaded to your computer and printed out whenever you need them. Make Math FUN to learn for your students!

More About Printable Math Games >>

Art Center

Art Posters

Create an Art Center in one corner of your classroom. Feature a different artist each month. Display posters or artwork by that artist and a short written biography.

All Fine Art Posters >>

Reading Center

Under the Sea Posters

Create a Reading Center by making a hut or loft in one corner of your classroom. If that's not possible, just set aside a specific section of the room for a reading center. Create a theme for the center. (for example jungle, beach, under the sea) Theme scene setters and posters are great for decorating sections of your room into a specific theme. They are very inexpensive and easy to put up. Change the theme often...coordinate with other classroom themes or a holiday. Have books available that are related to the theme of the center.

All Posters >>

How to Make a Polar Bear Habitat (Pre-K Activity) >>

Ideas by the Month

069221: It Happens in the Month of September It Happens in the Month of September
By Ellen Jackson / Charlesbridge Publishing

The first chill of autumn touches the air, animals store up food for the winter, and people celebrate Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. Did you know that the Mayflower sailed from Plymouth, England on September 16, 1620? Or that Johnny Appleseed was born on September 26, 1774? Readers who were born in September will delight in discovering which birthstone, flower and zodiac constellatin are their special symbols.

All Monthly Idea Books >>

Back to School Activities

989827: September Activities, Grades 3-6 September Activities, Grades 3-6
By Rebecca Stark / Educational Impressions

Monthly activities to take you from the first day of school to the last. Each book is filled with reproducible mini-units, literature units, mind-stretching interdisciplinary activities, clip art, and ideas to motivate students and help develop critical and creative thinking. Also included in each book is a "Not Just For Starters" section with an activity for every day of the month. Grades 3-6.

More Back to School Activities >>

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