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School Classroom Decorating Ideas

Need some pizazz for your classroom? Below are a few decorating ideas to turn your average classroom into an exciting and fun room for your students to learn!

Classroom Bulletin Boards

Bulletin Boards are the focal point in your classroom. Give your bulletin boards some pizzaz this year by following these few simple guidelines:

1. Plan ahead - Don't wait until the night before to throw something together! Make a plan for your bulletin board for the entire school year. Order any supplies you will need a month in advance.

2. Update Often - To keep students interested, change your bulletin board about once a month.

3. Coordinate Classroom Themes. - Create bulletin boards that coordinate with a subject your students are studing, upcoming holiday or current season. (Oceans, Christmas, Winter)

4. Keep Records - If your bulletin board was a success, keep a record or take a picture of the bulletin board. Next year, you can use the same idea!


School Bulletin Board Ideas

There are many themed bulletin board decorating sets, one for every season and subject! A few of my favorite are the Pumpkin Patch kit for Fall, the Superhero Bulletin Board Set, and the Make Wise Choices set.

We have many more Bulletin Board books, cut-outs, and decorations:
More Bulletin Board Ideas

Classroom Theme Decorations

Create a theme for your classroom that relates to a class subject, season or holiday. Coordinate this theme with the bulletin board and reading area. Have activities, crafts and books for students that relate to that theme. Decorate with scene setters, inflatables and posters.

A few popular classroom themes are:

All Classroom Theme Decorations

Art Center

Create an Art Center in one corner of your classroom. Feature a different artist each month. Display posters or artwork by that artist and a short written biography.

Reading Center

Create a Reading Center by making a hut or loft in one corner of your classroom. If that's not possible, just set aside a specific section of the room for a reading center. Create a theme for the center. (for example jungle, beach, under the sea) Theme scene setters and posters are great for decorating sections of your room into a specific theme. They are very inexpensive and easy to put up. Change the theme often...coordinate with other classroom themes or a holiday. Have books available that are related to the theme of the center.

How to Make a Polar Bear Habitat (Pre-K Activity)

Ideas by the Month

Classroom Monthly Idea Books are great resources for teachers. They are full of craft ideas, bulletin board suggestions, patterns, templates, bookmarks, awards, and much more. These are geared toward Grades PreK to 3rd.

All Monthly Idea Books

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