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Two Great Preschool Polar Bear Activities

Written by: Anne-Marie Killer

In the United States, Polar Bears have become synonymous with Coca-Cola advertisements. We watch cute polar bears have parties and fun while drinking Coca-Cola soda in the Arctic. Preschool children need to understand that there is much more to polar bears and that they don't actually drink Coca-Cola!

This article provides two preschool polar bear activities that will encourage preschool children to learn more about polar bears which include the facts and not the creative advertisements of Madison Avenue.

1. Art Activity

The first activity is an art activity that will have preschool children create a polar bear picture of their own. This activity is great for a rainy day or winter activity when it is simply too cold to go outside. Preschoolers will develop their fine motor skills in completing this activity. At the same time having a lot of fun exploring their creativity!

You will need the following:


* white and black construction paper,

* scissors,

* glue, and

* colorful crayons.

Advanced preparation for this activity involves cutting the white construction paper into several different size circles which will comprise the body of the polar bear. Cut the white construction paper into one large circle for the body, one medium circle for the head, and two small circles for the paws.

Cut a small circle in half to create two semicircles for the feet. Cut another small circle in half to create two semicircles for the ears.

Begin this activity by asking the preschool children what they know about polar bears. Where do polar bears live? What do they eat? Explain that they are going to make polar bears of their own. Demonstrate how to glue the white construction paper circles onto the black construction paper background to create a polar bear.

Be sure to tell preschool children to not use too much glue when they are pasting on the circles as this will become a mess! Demonstrate how to take black crayons and draw distinction in the polar bear face, paws, belly, and ears. Encourage the children to draw other items that are in a polar bear habitat such as ice, snow, and fish. Display the artwork in the classroom or at home.

2. Learning More About Polar Bears Through Creating a Polar Bear Habitat.

The second activity is to learn more about polar bears through creating a polar bear habitat. Preschoolers will find this a very exciting activity to participate in! Preschoolers love group activities, and this activity will enhance their social skills.


* A large refrigerator box.

* A large sheet of white and blue art paper.

* Scissors,

* Masking tape.

* Cotton or White packing peanuts.

* You will also need the book, "Polar Bear Night" by Lauren Thompson, illustrated by Stephen Savage.

Advanced preparation for this activity includes cutting the large cardboard box along one of the long edges. This will allow you to flatten the cardboard box along the wall. The cardboard box will act as a polar bear house of snow and ice. (Polar bears create dens in snowbanks.)

Polar Bear NightBegin the activity by reading the book, "Polar Bear Night". Discuss the habitat of polar bears with the preschool children. Explain that polar bears have white fur so they can protect themselves by blending in with the snow. In addition, polar bears have water resistant fur that allows them to swim in the icy waters.

Tell the children that you are going to make a polar bear snow den. Have them help you tape the large white art paper to the cardboard box. Place a large piece of blue art paper on the floor near the polar bear snow den to represent water. Lastly, place cotton or package peanuts around the snow den to represent snow and ice. Allow the children to explore more about polar bears while sitting in the polar bear den.

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