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Socks for Fundraising

Black Striped Socks for Fundraising Paw Print Socks for Fundraising Green and Gold Stripe Socks for Fundraising

Have a SOCK-A-THON and make money for your school or sports team!
Sell a 2 Pair Pack of Socks for $5.00 - Your group keeps $2.50 Profit! - Info/Order

Pre-sell Fundraiser Brochures - Earn 50% Profit!

Fundraiser Alley has partnered with Sockathon™ Fundraising to offer you a new and different fundraiser! School Colors or Paw Logo Socks will be a hit with your school, sports team or cheerleaders. Earn a 50% profit, risk free by taking orders with pre-sell brochures! Incentive Program available. These are the highest quality in footwear by Soft Touch Hosiery and Made in the USA. If you are looking for a different fundraiser for your school or team this year, this is it!

Sock Fundraiser Highlights:

  • Choose from:
    • 2 School Color Stripes
    • Paw Logo
    • Plain White
  • Popular Low Cut Style
  • 3 sizes:
    1. C - Child Size 6-8 (Shoe size 6-2)
    2. M - Med. Size 9-11 (Shoe size 2-8)
    3. A - Adult Lrg. Size 10-13 (Shoe size 8-12)
  • Incentive Program
  • No Set Up Fee
  • No Money Up Front
  • 50% Profit!
  • FREE Shipping! (on orders over 200 packs)

How Does This Fundraiser Work?

4 Easy Steps:

  1. Choose 2 stripe colors or paw logo color
  2. Program Plans/Sales Agreement
  3. Take orders with brochures and sample packs
    OR "sell on hand" with actual packs
  4. Talley and place completed order - Ships within 2-3 weeks

Why Choose Socks for Your School Fundraisier?

  • No Nutrition Concerns
  • Promotes the School's Color(s)
  • A Product you can actually USE
  • Wash & Wear / Dye Locked
  • No Bleeding / Bleach OK
  • Only $5.00 per Donation request

Questions? Ready to Order?

Send us the following information:

  • Name
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • City/State
  • School or Organization Name
  • School Colors or Paw Color Choice(s)
  • Any Questions
  • Email to:
  • Sockathon Fundraising will contact you for your order.

Ideas for a Successful Sock-A-Thon Fundraiser:

Brochure Selling:

  • Set up table in hall to sell before school and at lunch breaks
  • Have students make signs about the Sock-A-Thon fundraiser
  • Order sock samples to show off product
  • Offer to hold a "Sock Hop" as an Incentive Prize if students reach fundraiser goal

Order Team Socks and...

  • Sell socks at team sports events
  • Hold a "Sock Hop" and sell socks at the door
  • Set up a table near Pep Rally before a big game

Red Paw Print Socks White Socks

Made in USA

Also see our Fundraising Tips!

Have a FUN and Successful Fundraiser!

With so many people using social media, it's easy to spread the word about your fundraiser. Consider having an online fundraiser and it will be so much easier for everyone! Your customers can choose from magazines, cookie dough, and lots of other products!

Anytime is a great time to sign up for a FREE Recycle Fundraiser!