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60 Dot Scratchcards for Fundraising

Scratchcards for Fundraising

  • 10% FREE bonus Scratchcards

  • 60 scratch dots per card ($0 - $2.50)

  • 60 free coupon sheets per card for supporters

  • Amount raised per card = $100

  • Minimum order = 10 cards

  • FREE SHIPPING! with minimum order.

  • Phone: 1-866-826-0944 - Info/Order

Most Profit Fundraiser for Your School

90% Profit

Up to 90% Profit!
Fundraiser Alley has partnered with to offer you the 60 Dot Scratchcards for fundraising. (Also see our 30 Dot Scratchcards). The Scratchcard Fundraiser earns the most profit for your school, club, group, church or sports team! We recommend purchasing 1 scratchcard per participant. Their goal is to get all circles scratched off and donations collected. Each supporter receives a valuable brand name coupon sheet for his or her donation. Free Shipping with minimum order! For more info, see our Scratchcard FAQ Page.

# of Cards Your Cost You Collect Your Profit
10 $200 $1000 $900*

* We offer 10% free cards on every order, which gives you the possibility to raise your profit to 90%!

EASY IDEA for Schools, PTO/PTA, Churches, Any Group!

How Does a Scratchcard Fundraiser Work?

1. SCRATCH - Every participant in your group is given one Scratchcard. Each card has the potential to raise $100. Participants invite supporters to scratch off one or more of the 60 colored circles on the card.

2. DONATE - Supporters donate the amount of money that was revealed beneath the scratch off dots. Donation amounts range from FREE to $2.50. It's really just pocket change, so it's easy for your group to ASK and easy for supporters to GIVE.

3. RECEIVE - Everyone who donates to your campaign receives a coupon sheet as a thank you gift. These coupons are offered by some of the most popular national retailers and restaurants in the United States.

No Product to Sell or Deliver!!

FREE Shipping!

The scratchcard fundraiser offers free shipping with minimum order! Allow a minimum of 7 business days for delivery of your scratchcards once order is placed and payment is received.

What Are Scratchcards for Fundraising?

Each Scratchcard has 3 flaps that fold into a 4" by 6" card. Each card has 60 scratch dots. The card also includes 60 coupon sheets to reward supporters for their donation. It's very compact and easy to carry in a pocket or purse.

Your cards will always include the name of your group on the front cover. There are lots of different themed pictures to match your organization, so whatever your group type (sports team, school group, church, etc.), you are sure to find the right fundraising card for you. (see themes below) Or, you can add your groupís own picture!

Accepted payment methods are: Major credit cards; checks; checks by phone; certified checks; money orders or credit terms to schools issuing valid purchase orders.

Below is a sample of themes or use your own group photo! Other themes are available.

Stars and Stripes scratchcards
Stars & Stripes
church theme scratchcards
Church Theme
dance theme scratchcards
Dance Theme
baseball theme scratchcards
cheerleading theme scratchcards
football theme scratchcards
basketball theme scratchcards
hockey theme scratchcards
soccer theme scratchcards
softball theme scratchcards
elementary school scratchcards
Elementary School
high school scratchcards
High School
university theme scratchcards


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With so many people using social media, it's easy to spread the word about your fundraiser. Consider having an online fundraiser and it will be so much easier for everyone! Your customers can choose from magazines, cookie dough, and lots of other products!

Anytime is a great time to sign up for a FREE Recycle Fundraiser!