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When you are looking for a great fundraising idea a raffle hits the top of the list. Your school or non profit organization can raise thousands of dollars just with one simple raffle.

Successful raffle organizers recruit supporters including individuals and businesses to donate all of the prizes. When all of your prizes are donated there is no money going out the door for expenses except for raffle ticket printing.

You may know that raffles are great fundraisers, but do you still need raffle ideas for the prizes? First of all, put yourself in your potential supporter’s shoes. What type of prize would really get someone interested in buying tickets? Raffle prize ideas should be ones that appeal to a large majority of people.

Here are the top 5 raffle prize ideas that will get people’s attention:

1. Travel - Roundtrip Airfare, a package deal, a cruise, hotel stays, even airline miles all make great raffle prizes. Most people love to travel and the biggest obstacle is usually cost. Now if they win this raffle, they’ll just have to take some time off work and go.

2. Cars - Sports cars, Luxury cars, SUV’s in the newest model. Another great alternative is a completely restored classic / collector’s car. You may or may not be able to get this donated. If not, consider other types of prizes, since your profit will be higher if all items are donated.

3. Electronic Equipment - Big screen TVs, DVDs, and stereos are great raffle prize ideas. Just about everyone would love to win a new TV!

4. Gift Baskets – Gift baskets are very popular prizes. Some of the best gift basket raffle ideas include wine & cheese baskets, bath baskets and movie baskets.

5. Gift Certificates – Gift certificates make great prizes and are some of the easiest raffle prizes to get donated. Gift certificate raffle prize ideas include restaurants and retail stores like Home Depot or Best Buy. These make great secondary prizes or you can bundle several together to make raffle prize with a larger value.

With a little creativity and persistence, you'll be able to get some great prizes for your raffle!

Article courtesy of: Raffle Secrets, the complete raffle fundraising system that guides nonprofits step-by-step to creating an amazingly profitable raffle fundraiser

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