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PTA Fundraising Ideas

Easy PTA Fundraisers
Fundraiser Alley has lots of easy fundraising ideas for your school PTA. Below are a few of our favorites. Also, scroll down to read this article: "STRESS-LESS Fundraiser Tips!".


Carnival for Fundraising

Carnival for Fundraising

School Carnivals are a PTA fundraising stand by. Most schools hold at least one carnival per year, sometimes two, in addition to other fundraising efforts. See our carnival supplies and article: 13 Ideas To Make More Money At Your School Carnival.

Cookie Dough

Cookie Dough for Fundraising

Cookie Dough for Fundraising

This is the most popular fundraiser for schools! Everyone loves cookies, so this is an easy sell. Pre-sell brochures make it free to start and you can earn up to 55% profit. Choose from 5 different cookie dough flyers.

Logo Tee Shirts

Logo Tee Shirts for Fundraising

Custom Logo Tee Shirts for Fundraising

This is an easy fundraiser for your sports team or school. Each tee shirt will be customized with your team's own logo (1-2 colors only). White tee shirts are 6.1 oz Gildan ultra cotton 100% cotton preshrunk. 6 sizes are available - S-XXXL. Free Shipping. 45% Profit. You can't go wrong with this one!


Scratchcards for Fundraising

Scratchcards for Fundraising - 90% Profit

Scratchcards make the most profit of any of our fundraisers. If you need money fast, choose this one. Each card cost $20 and (if all dots are scratched) will make $100, giving you $80 profit! You will also receive 10% free scratchcards if you order at least 10 cards...which gives even more profit! Each scratchcard will have your school name on the front cover and can also be personalized with a photo. The only downside is that you have to pay up front for these cards. However, you can purchase with a credit card (which gives more time to pay) or Purchase Order. FREE SHIPPING will keep your cost down and increase your profit! This one is easy, as you have no product to deliver, but each child will need to get all of their dots scratched off to make the highest profit. We recommend having an incentive program to get students motivated!

Sell Magazines, Cookie Dough, Restaurant Cards Online

Online Fundraiser

Online Fundraiser - 40% Profit

This fundraiser is FREE to start. Just sign up your class or club online (it's really easy), send out an email to students or parents, have them send out emails to friends and family, etc. Sell magazine subscriptions, cookie dough, and restaurant cards online. It's a good deal for customers and for classroom! This is an ongoing fundraiser and can be done in addition to other fundraisers you may be doing. Make money year round! It's free, so it can't hurt anything to try it! And, any age student can participate.


Recycle Fundraising

Recycle Fundraising

The Recycle fundraiser is a green idea for a school-wide fundraiser. Sign up FREE online (it's easy!). Send out flyers asking parents to drop off any used printer ink cartridges or old cell phones they have (or can collect from others) at a designated place. Your school can ship them Free of charge and receive payment! Make posters to advertise your recycle fundraiser and everyone in your area can take part. You can't go wrong with this one.


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STRESS-LESS Fundraiser Tips!

Written by: Faye Rutledge

STRESS-LESS Fundraiser Tips!
This article is for all parents who get involved in fundraisers...isn't that ALL of us?
Are you burnt out with the same fundraiser each year? Do you frequently have several fundraisers going at one time? Do you have nightmares about distributing fundraiser products? Would you like to have LESS FUNDRAISER STRESS?

The first order of business should always be to SET A GOAL. What are you having the fundraiser for? Get specific. How much money do you need to raise and how much will each child need to sell?

Short term fundraisers are easier on the stress level. ALWAYS SET A DEADLINE as to when the fundraiser will end.

Communicate the FUNDRAISER GOAL. Have a kick off rally. Get the children excited. Let them know what the GOAL of the fundraiser is and what they need to do to help reach it. Have them ALWAYS MENTION THE GOAL when they ask for a sale. Don't just say, "PTO fundraiser"...say "This is for new sports equipment" or whatever your GOAL is. People are more willing to contribute when they know what it is they are contributing towards. Have a prize for the child that sells the most. This always brings out the competitive spirit!

Coordinate your fundraiser with other clubs and groups in the school that are also having fundraisers. This will avoid fundraiser overload on parents. It will help sales as well. If possible coordinate with other schools, church groups, sports teams, etc. Some parents get hit with several fundraisers at once. For example: PTO, Scouts and Church group.

Limit the number of fundraisers to two a year.

Are you burnt out with the same fundraiser each year? DON'T BE AFRAID TO CHANGE! People also get tired of BUYING the same thing every year! You will actually increase sales if you offer variety. Try to choose something useful. Put one person in charge of finding new fundraisesr and presenting new ideas to vote on. If you are not the one to decide this...VOICE YOUR OPINION.

Look for fundraisers that are easy to distribute. A few companies offer POINT OF SALE fundraisers. This means the fundraiser offer is for a product or coupon booklet that is sold and money collected with only one contact. These are by far the least stressful fundraisers...for you as well as everyone involved.

RISK FREE - 40% PROFIT or more
Look for RISK FREE only pay for what you sell. You do not have to have product on hand. Choose a company that will be involved and answer questions when needed. Always aim for at least a 40% PROFIT or more.

Recruit all of the parents you can! The more hands, the less work for everyone. Send out letters or make phone calls to recruit help.

Fundraisers always involve stress. Follow the above hints it will help you to STRESS-LESS. Remember that after the fundraiser is all over, you can look at the new sports equipment, computers...or whatever YOUR GOAL was, and know that it was well worth the stress.

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Have a FUN and Successful Fundraiser!

With so many people using social media, it's easy to spread the word about your fundraiser. Consider having an online fundraiser and it will be so much easier for everyone! Your customers can choose from magazines, cookie dough, and lots of other products!

Anytime is a great time to sign up for a FREE Recycle Fundraiser!