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Crazy About Cookies $10 Cookie Dough Tubs for Fundraising

Crazy About Cookies - Cookie Dough $10 Tubs Fundraiser Brochure

  • Free 2-page fundraiser brochures

  • 6 popular flavors frozen cookie dough

  • Minimum order = 20 cases

  • Sell 2lb Tubs for only $10!

  • Free Prize Program Available

  • FREE SHIPPING! with minimum order

  • 1-866-826-0944 - Info/Order

Pre-Sell Fundraiser Brochures

Fundraiser Alley has partnered with to offer you the Crazy About Cookies - $10 Cookie Dough Tubs Fundraiser. Earn risk free by taking orders with these colorful pre-sell brochures! Variety of 6 flavors of frozen cookie dough in 2 pound tubs! Make your next cookie dough fundraiser even easier with the lower selling price of only $10 each. Your supporters will not only appreciate the lower retail, they'll also love the taste of delicious homemade cookies available in all their favorite flavors, and you'll appreciate the high profits!


Program Details

  • Free 2-page brochures for participants
  • 6 popular flavors available
  • Retail price per tub = $10 / tub
  • 6 - 2lb tubs per case
  • Minimum order = 20 cases
  • Free Prize Program Available
  • Free Shipping with minimum order

Each 2 lb. tub cost customers only $10, resealable and easy to use - simply scoop the frozen dough onto a sheet and bake, then refreeze the unused portion! (see varieties below)

Cookie dough can be stored at room temperature (66-77) for 21 days, refrigerated for 6 months, and frozen for 1 year. It can be thawed and refrozen. All products are Kosher certified.

How Does This Fundraiser Work?

1. Call (1-866-826-0944) to order 1 brochure/catalog per fundraising participant FREE of charge!
2. Participants collect orders and payment from friends and family.
3. You place the final order for the products.
4. All items will be shipped to you, which you distribute to your participants.
5. Your group keeps the profit (you only pay the cost of the products)!

FREE Prize Program

Your group will receive a FREE $50 Gift Card based on the amount of cookie dough cases you sell. Use the cards to motivate students to sell more units by giving out the cards as prizes to the top sellers. Each card has a $50 value. This prize program is included free of charge to fundraising groups with at least 10 actual sellers participating.

Shipping Info

Please contact our customer service team prior to launching your campaign for details about shipping cookie dough orders. (1-866-826-0944)

6 Cookie Dough Varieties:
White Chunk Macadamia Cookie White Chunk Macadamia
A generous portion of macadamia nuts and white chunks to make this a signature cookie.
Snickerdoodle Cookie Snickerdoodle
A classic sugar cookie with swirls of cinnamon to create the perfect mixture of cinnamon and sugar.
Chocolate Chunk Cookie Chocolate Chunk
A unique twist to the Chocolate Chip, with huge chunks of semi-sweet chocolate in a treasured cookie.
Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Oatmeal Raisin
A timeless recipe that rises to the next level with quality ingredients and plump juicy raisins.
Sugar Cookie Simply Sugar Cookie
Simply stated, you will devour this classic cookie.
Peanut Butter Cookie Peanut Butter
Swirls of peanut butter in a classic cookie dough and for crunch, crumbles of fresh peanuts.
  • 1-866-826-0944 - Info / Order brochures

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