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Chocolate Candy Bar Fundraising Kits

These Candy Bar Fundraising Kits are one of the best ways to raise money for your group, school, sports team, church or other organization. You can sell candy at school, pep rallies, sports events, businesses, grocery stores or just person to person. Fundraiser Alley has partnered with to offer many different $1 and $2 Candy Bar options. Earn 50% - 60% profit!

View ALL Chocolate Candy Fundraising Options

Kathryn Beich $1 Variety Pack
Kathryn Beich
$1 Variety Pack
Katydids Candy
Kathryn Beich
Kathryn Beich $1 Straight Packs
Kathryn Beich
$1 Straight Packs
Yummy Bunnies
Kathryn Beich
Yummy Bunnies

Snack Zone $1 Candy Variety
Snack Zone
$1 Candy Variety
Skinny Cow $1 Candy Bars Fundraising Kit
Skinny Cow
$1 Candy Bars
Chocolatiers $2 Candy Bars Fundraising Kit
Chocolatiers Variety
$2 Candy Bars
Hershy's $2 Candy Fundraising Kits
Hershey's $2 Candy
Fundraising Kit

Americas Variety One Dollar Bars
America's Variety
One Dollar Bars
United Variety One Dollar Bars
United Variety
One Dollar Bars
Nestle $1 Candy Bars Variety Pack
Nestle $1 Candy Bar
Variety Pack
Nestle $1 Candy Bar Straight Pack
Nestle $1 Candy Bar
Straight Packs

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How Does a Candy Bar Kit Fundraisers Work?

1. Choose which program is best suited for your group.
As you see above, there's a wide variety to choose from.

2. Order at least 1 carrier case kit per participant. When your team bands together and everyone commits to selling at least one carrier case kit your candy fundraiser is off to a great start.

3. SELL! Participants sell the candy bars to family, friends, work colleagues, neighbors and anyone else interested in supporting your cause.

Encourage your members to become high achievers - challenges, prizes for the top sellers or other incentives like a pizza party get the excitement - and the candy fundraising going.

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