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Easy Fundraising Ideas!

Welcome to Fundraiser Alley!
Are you tired of the same fund raiser year after year? Please browse our site to find new fundraising ideas for your PTO, PTA, School, Club, Sports Team, Church or Non Profit Organization. We offer the usual scratchcards, candy, and cookie dough, plus several unique products such as smencils, smanimals, trash bags, logo door mats, pretzel rods, and others. Plus, many personalized spirit products that all schools love to sell.

Most Profit Fund Raisers!
Scratchcard Fundraiser - 90% Profit

90% Profit!
Chocolatiers Fundraising Candy Bars - 60% Profit
Chocolatiers $2 Bars

55% Profit!
ALL Candy Bars
Cookie Dough Fundraisers
Cookie Dough

Up to 40% Profit!
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Easy Fundraising Ideas...
Online Fundraising Program - Free to Start
Online Fundraising
Recycling Printer Ink & Cell Phones - Free to Start
Lollipops for Fundraising
Restaurant Cards for Fundraising - 50% Profit
Restaurant Cards
Fall Fundraising Ideas
Smencils & Smens
Trashbags Fundraiser
Candles for Fundraising
Smanimals - Scented Stuffed Animals
Smanimals - Scented Stuffed Animals
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Stadium Cushions
Stadium Cushions
Custom Imprinted Footballs
Stadium Cups
Stadium Cups
Spirit Bracelets
Spirit Bracelets
Fundraising Products
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Crazy About Cookies
8 Flavors Pre portioned
12 Flavors Pre portioned
6 Flavors Tubs
12 Flavors Tubs
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Tasty Ideas
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Kathryn Beich
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NEW! Trash Bags

Trash Bags Fundraiser

Trash Bags Fundraiser

Everyone needs trash bags, so you're sell to sell lots of these!

NEW! Pretzel Rods

Pretzel Rods Fundraiser

Yummy Snack Fundraising Idea!

These yummy pretzel rods are coated in chocolate and assorted candies. Sell each individually wrapped pretzel rod for $1 and earn up to 50% profit. Great fundraising idea for schools, clubs, or sports teams.

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Fundraiser Alley has partnered with to bring you many great fundraising products for your school, church, team, club, or group.


Scratchcards are our most profitable fundraiser. It offers up to a 90% profit and is a very easy fundraiser. We now offer 60 dot or 30 dot scratchcards which can be customized with your group photo!

Chocolatiers - $2 Chocolate bars offer a whopping 60% profit, plus an incentive of a free case of cookie dough with an order of 15 cases!


School Spirit Fundraising Products - includes a LARGE selection of spirit products (stadium cups, wristbands, seat cushions, footballs, and more) to customize with your school logo. Imprinted spirit products are great ideas for sports teams, cheerleading, school clubs or any fundraising effort. All products can be personalized with school or group logos and colors.

School Logo Tee Shirts - Have you seen this new product? These Logo Tee Shirts are a great fundraising idea for schools, sports teams or cheerleaders. Custom design with your school logo!

School Logo Mats - are a unique spirit fundraising idea for schools, sports teams or cheerleaders. Custom design door mats with your school logo!

School Spirit Socks! If you want something new and different for your school or sports team fundraiser, have a SOCK-A-THON! Socks with your school or team colors will be a hit! 50% profit and FREE Shipping offer! Sell a 2 pair pack for $5 and keep $2.50!


Online Fundraising Program - Fast, easy to set up, FREE, and secure. Supporters purchase magazines, cookie dough, or restaurant cards online at their convenience. An online fundraiser will increase your supporter reach from local to national! You'll have no products to order or deliver!


Candy Bar Fundraisers! - We have several candy bar fundraising programs! Hershey's $2 Candy Bars, and One Dollar Bars offer a 50% profit. The Chocolatiers $2 Chocolate bars offer a whopping 60% profit, plus an incentive of a free case of cookie dough with an order of 12 cases!

Ongoing School Fundraising Idea

Recycling Fundraiser - As an affiliate with Funding Factory we offer you a fantastic Recycle program. It's free and does well as an ongoing fundraiser for schools or churches.

Canadian Fundraisers

Canadian Fundraisers - We are proud to offer several fundraisers especially for Canadians!

More Suggestions:

Cookbooks for Fundraising - Cookbooks for fundraising by G&R Publishing - The Cookbook Specialist! This is the perfect fundraiser for a church group, FHA Club, and any women's group or club.

Fundraising Resources

Fundraiser Tips and Ideas - Let us help you have a fun and successful fundraiser! Fundraiser Alley has many easy fundraising ideas and tips. We add new articles often. Our newest articles include: 10 Steps to a Successful Fundraising Campaign and FUN Fundraising Ideas.

Top 5 Fundraisers - Check out our most popular fundraising products!

Have a FUN and Successful Fundraiser!

With so many people using social media, it's easy to spread the word about your fundraiser. Consider having an online fundraiser and it will be so much easier for everyone! Your customers can choose from magazines, cookie dough, and lots of other products!

Anytime is a great time to sign up for a FREE Recycle Fundraiser!